Moving reservations between restaurants

This article will explain how to quickly move existing reservations between your other restaurants while keeping all the capacity restrictions.

If you own multiple restaurant outlets, there might be cases where you want to move an already created reservation to a different place of yours - that can be quickly done with a few clicks in aleno.

Moving reservations between restaurants

To make this feature work, ensure your restaurants are connected into a group; for more context, read the article Group of restaurants.

Moving reservations between restaurants is only possible for accounts with access to those restaurants - for example, as an account owner or other roles with accounts in multiple restaurants.

The feature works only for already created reservations, so for reservations in editing mode (reservation panel in the yellow shade).

All restaurants (where the aleno user has an account) are automatically displayed in the 'Suggest' dropdown.

How does it work?

  1. Choose the reservation you want to move. 
  2. Click on the 'Suggest' button. 
  3. Expand a shift from a target restaurant on the wanted day
    1. In the suggestion view, only bookable timeslots in other restaurants are displayed.
  4.  Click on a time slot from a shift from a target restaurant:
    1. In this step, you are redirected to the target restaurant booqIn 
  5. Save the reservation.
    1. By default, all the details (except table assignment) remain unchanged when moving the reservation, but before saving, the user can change the reservation parameters such as PAX, status, comment, etc.


A new reservation status:

  • After moving a reservation in the starting restaurant, the reservation is kept in the 'moved' status, which is automatically set.
  • Reservations cannot be saved in the 'moved' status manually.
  • The 'moved' status is hidden under the status filter. 
  • Reservations in this status are not editable. 
  • The change is captured in the 'reservation history'.

Situations where suggestions will not be displayed

Suggestions from other restaurants will not be displayed in the following cases:

  • While creating a new reservation.
  • For repeated reservations.
  • For walkIn reservations
  • When the target restaurant has a holiday
  • When the target restaurant has no active shifts on that day
  • For reservations with a PAX number outside the shift guests' min-max range:
    • Minimum guests per online reservation: 1
    • Maximum guests per online reservation: 8
    • The dropdown will not be displayed for PAX equal 9, 10, ...