Automatic E Mails in aleno

There are a lot of different email templates in aleno. All of them can be customized as you like.


In this HowTo we'll show you how to get more and better reviews through aleno.

In aleno, if arranged in your settings, e-mails are automatically sent to the guest when a reservation is accepted or changed as well as if the guest status changes. If you check out the guests of your restaurant after they've dined and change the status to "departed", those guests will automatically receive an email with a thank you note and the request for an online review.

So you should consider two things if you're interested in getting many and good ratings: First of all you should only ask satisfied and happy guests for their rating. If things didn't go well in service or in the kitchen or even with the guests themselves, you can stop sending the e-mail in the lower right corner at the checkout. The guests will then not be asked for a rating.

When you check out the guest, the following pop-up window shows you the status of the email. Click Stop to cancel the email delivery.


Secondly, the rating process should be very simple, so that the guest is able to give his rating right after just one click. Before you enable the rating email feature in the shift settings, be sure to adjust the email templates to your style under Settings → Shifts → E-Mail→ Ratings and add the direct links to your restaurant profiles on the three main portals - Google, Facebook and TripAdvisor (see image below). If you use other languages, you should consider adapting the mail template for each language. You can switch between the templates in your languages by clicking on the language shortcuts at the end of the email template while in the edit mode.

Just click on the text field to edit it:


Add your URL to the desired rating portals. You can find them as following:

Facebook: Go to your Facebook page, click on the link ratings and copy the URL.

TripAdvisor: Go to your TripAdvisor page, click Reviews, then in the upper right corner the write a review button will appear. Click on it and copy the URL.

Google: Find out your PlaceID according to the instructions. Paste your PlaceID at the end of the link "".

Now insert the hyperlinks into the email template as follows:
[portalname] followed by the (link), do not put a space in between, e.g. [portalname](URL-LINK)

The result should look as follows:


Now leave the edit mode by clicking on the eye in the upper right corner of the template window. You'll already be able to click on all links and try them out if they all work.

So does everything work as it should? Great, now go to your shift settings, select the appropriate shift and click/check the rating mails box. The rating mail feature is now enabled.