Users and Roles

This is about who, what, when, how? For example: Who has accepted a reservation and can provide information? With the User Role Management you can quickly add users to aleno and define their rights.

Each user is created with his own mail address or login. In this way, different roles can also be distributed/determined. 

The following roles are available:

Account owner: An account owner is automatically created with the email address that was used to complete an aleno sign up. Account owner can customize all settings, e.g. transfer the aleno account to a new owner and create all listed roles. 

Admin: Administrators have full access to the settings of a system - except for the details and action concerning restaurant ownership. An Admin user can create Service and Viewer users.

Service: For service employees. Reservations can be accepted and changed, but settings on the system or shifts etc. are not possible.

Viewer: Viewers have read-only rights and cannot make any changes.

Shared User:
Each user can be marked as a shared user and thus ad hoc users can be created via reservation creation in booqIn.
An Ad Hoc user is created when, for example, an Admin user is marked as a 'shared user'. Logging in with a shared user means that you have to identify yourself with an abbreviation or name before completing an entry when making a reservation entry. 
It should be noted that since all Ad Hoc users log in with the same login, they have the same rights. So if an admin account is marked as a shared user, all users going through this login will have access to the settings.