Reservation creation

Reservation is a heart of aleno. Creating and managing your reservation is just at here.

How to create a reservation as a restaurant employee:

Creating reservations is possible either from “SeatIn” or “BooqIn” views.

  1. Go to the date when the reservation should be created.
  2. Click on the 'New Reservation' button.Creating reservations screenshotCreating reservations screenshot (2)
  3. In the input field, add all the customer details you have (First Name, Last Name, Phone, E-mail), which will be automatically added to the new customer profile that will be created. 
    Reservations Feb 20 Screenshot (1)
    Creating reservations screenshot (4)
    1. Additionally, you can expand the customer profile by clicking the '+' icon to fill out more details (it's not a necessary step).
      Creating reservations screenshot (5)Creating reservations screenshot (6)
    2. If that's a reservation for a recurring customer, you can select the customer profile from the suggestions that will appear after typing in.
      Creating reservations screenshot (7)
  4. Fill out the reservation details:
    1. The number of persons per this reservation. When the PAX number is higher, choose the last icon to type in the individual number
      Creating reservations screenshot (8)
      Creating reservations screenshot (9)
    2. Select the reservation status  if needed (by default, it's set to 'confirmed')
    3. Set the date and time of reservation from here:
      1. Either select it as a first step (choose the date and the timeslot from the list and start creating a reservation).
      2. Or start creating a reservation from your current view and adjust it while creating by clicking on the date and time fields in the reservation form. 
  5. Save the reservation  

That’s basically it! The newly created reservation is now shown in the reservations list:

Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 14.16.51