Widget customisation

Customise how the Aleno widget works by passing extra parameters to the widget URL


 Parameter Description Use Case Example

Use this parameter to display specific shifts in the widget. Online reservations will be allowed for the displayed shifts only. 

You have several shifts, but you want to accept online reservations for certain shifts only.



(online reservations only for times and days of the shifts 'LUNCH' and 'DINNER' or only for times and days of the shift 'Garden View')


 date Use this parameter to display a specific day in the widget.  You want to promote an event on a specific day.


(Display and accept online reservations for 24.09.2020 only)


Use this parameter to open the widget on your website via JavaScript. Only works in combination with alenoWidgetKey You want to refer from another website like GoogleKnowledgeGraph  {Link} to your website for online reservations. If customers click the link, the reservation widged on your website opens automatically.  &alenoWidget=open

Desired Widget is loaded directly with opening the page. Only works together with alenoWidget=open

You own multiple restaurants and want to open different widgets with alenoWidget=open f.e. via Google My Business



Additional parameters:

Parameter Description Use Case Example

This parameter will skip the first step and immediately displays the suggestions

You promote a certain day or shift and don't want your guests having to select the date or time first  &direct

These parameters define the default, min. and max. number of people that are intended for the guest in the number of persons selection

You would like to change the default settings for the person selection.


 The widget is automatically set for 10 persons and the  guest can reserve min. for 10 or max. for 39 persons.
The widget only shows a selection of 10 up to 39 guests.


This parameter defines the name of the advertising campaign

 You're planning an advertising campaign on Facebook, Instagram or Google and you would like to track which campaign the reservation was made through.


*enter here any internal, but unique name for the campaign. e.g. Facebook01 or GoogleDec19


With this parameter you define the location of your widget link

You want to track where the reservation was made, e.g. googleMyBusiness, Facebook, own website. The information is available in the API and in the reportIn.


*e.g. Google, newsletter, website

Use this URL builder to ensure an internationally standardized notation:



 Language displayed on the widget

You would like to open the widget dynamically depending on the website with a specific language preselection


 Guest's first / last name

 You already would like to fill in the first / last name field of the contact data in the widget 





Guest's address field  You already would like to fill in the address information of the contact data in the widget 


  email  Guest's e-mail

  You already would like to fill in the e-mail contact of the contact data in the widget 

 phone  Guest's phone number  You already would like to fill in the phone number of the contact data in the widget 


 comment  Guest's commentary  You already would like to fill in the commentary field of the contact data in the widget


 &comment=Room 442, Vegetarian


All parameters can be combined with &, e.g. https://mytools.aleno.me/reservations/v2.0/key?&shifts=LUNCH,DINNER&date=2018-12-31