Locking Shifts for Staff

As an Account Owner or Admin user, time slots or entire shifts can now be locked for staff (Service role user) for reservation entries:


Special features of the locking function:

  • A warning system ensures so staff can clearly see that reservations are locked for that time slot or shift
  • Notifications will inform that staff is not supposed to create a new reservation
  • Please note: Staff will still be able to create a reservation if they choose to do so

1. Locking a shift/time slot for a day

Each shift can be locked for individual days. This can be set up directly in booqIn/seatIn or in your calendar:

  1. Click on the lock symbol of the shift or a time slot

    LockShiftKeyEN    LockShiftKeybooqInDE_EN

  2. In a pop-up window, online booking options can be locked for the entire shift or individual time slots - in addition, booking options can also be locked for staff:


  3. If a shift/time slot is locked for your staff, this locking is also activated for online bookings
  4. If a shift is locked for staff, the color of the 'New reservation' button in booqIn/seatIn changes to red to indicate a reservation should not be created:


  5. If an attempt is made to place a reservation, an initial warning will appear:


  6. The confirmation button in the reservation form is now colored in red
    (as opposed to green if unlocked):


  7. second warning will appear when attempting to confirm the reservation:


These warnings are displayed for Service User, Admin as well as Account Owner.

Please note: If a reservation is entered in a time slot that is available to staff and the start time is then changed so that the reservation falls into an unavailable time slot, the red save button and the second warning will appear, but not the first warning.

If a shift is locked for a certain day via the calendar, the same pop-up window for blocking time slots or the entire shift will appear:

LockShiftCalendarEN                   LockShiftPopUpEN


2. Locking time slots in the shift settings

In the Advanced capacity settings of a shift, individual time slots can now be locked also for staff in addition to being locked for online reservations:


  • Locking those time slots affects all days of this shift
  • If a time slot is locked for staff, this time slot is also locked for online reservations.
  • If a time slot is unlocked for staff, the lock for online bookings is still active and must be unlocked individually.

Hint 1: If you need to change the online locking logic just for a day, hop over to the calendar and create a day shift. Here you learn about creating a day shift.
Hint 2: If there’s a need to unlock a shift or time slot for staff, this will work directly in booqIn or the calendar.


Please feel free to contact us with any further questions:

+41 43 508 24 65