Send aleno mails via your domain

To allow aleno to send emails over your domain, DNS entries have to be configured on the domain.


aleno uses Mandrill (the mail engine behind MailChimp) to send emails. In order to send your emails with your mail address, we need to add and verify your domain in Mandrill.

In aleno go to Settings -> e-mail - Configuration to initiate these steps (1).

Add a mail address of the desired domain under "Add domain" (2).


Mandrill will then send you an email to this address for verification. Since you cannot verify this yourself, please forward the email to aleno at so we can add it for you.

A successful verification is indicated by a green tick next to the domain (3). Our support team will notify you if the verification was not successful. With a click on reload (4) you can also check if the verification was completed.


DNS entries

In order for the aleno mails to be sent successfully via your domain, DNS records are mandatory.

To add the SPF and DKIM entries for your sending domains, you have to add entries from Mandrill of type TXT via the hosting provider, domain registry or DNS provider. Check with your webmasters / IT company for this.

→ Follow the instructions in the Mandrill Knowledge Base article, please use the SPF and DKIM keys from the following article: 

Mandrill DNS Configuration - Instructions

If you maintain your website yourself, contact the support of the website provider or simply google for e.g. "DNS record WIX website". 

The following are two useful articles:

Set SPF record in WIX

How do I create SPF records?