aleno as app on your mobile device

The easiest and most efficient way to handle daily service tasks is with tablets - and that's exactly what aleno was built for.

You can easily download your personal aleno system as an app directly from your web browser to your tablet or cell phone (iPad or Android).

The download directly from the browser to an app is called progressive web app (pwa).

This is how it works:

1. Open the web browser on your tablet/mobile phone.

For Android, it's best to use Google Chrome.
For Apple, Safari is a good browser to use.

2. Enter the aleno access in the address bar:

Don't log in yet, but stay on the login view

3. The aleno URL can now be downloaded directly to your tablet/mobile phone.

For Apple users the steps are as follows:

.        aleno_pwa1_en   aleno_pwa2_en

For Android users the steps are as follows:

Your aleno app is ready to use!

Pro-Tip: If you want to make changes in the settings, e.g. alternate shifts, create events or adjust email templates, it is recommended to do this via a computer or laptop