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Add Additional Questions to the Reservation Widget

n this article we will show you how to add questions to the online reservation, e.g. if your guests want to bring a dog, sit on the terrace or indoors etc.

You can add additional information to the reservation procedure, e.g. if the guests need a high chair or similar. Such additional questions can be easily added to the reservation widget. If and which questions you want to add, you can decide separately for each shift, day or event.

How can I add an additional question to the online reservation for a shift?

Go to  Settings (1) --> Shifts (2) and then select the desired shift to which you want to add an additional question (3).


After you have clicked on the shift, scroll down until you get to "Questions" and click on "Edit questions" (4).


Now you can activate or deactivate the additional question in the reservation widget (5), add new questions (6) or use an already existing question e.g. from another shift and so on. Select one of the existing questions from the pull-down menu and add it to this layer by clicking on "Add copy" (7).


In the following, we first add a new question. To do this, click on "Add new question" (6). Remember that the question will only appear in the widget if you activate it under "Active" by checking the box (5).

In the example, we want to ask if the guests need a child seat for this reservation. We type the corresponding question into the "Question" field.

We want the guests to answer "yes" or "no", so they can click only one of the two answer categories. The appropriate answer type is "Radio". We select it under Choice (8).

We enter the answer categories in the "Option" fields. If you want to add more answer categories, you can do so by clicking on "Option" (9).

Note: If you offer your guests online reservation in several languages, then you have to fill in the additional question in each offered language. You can switch between the language variants under the answer options and translate the question (10).

Finish entering the additional question by clicking on "Save" in the upper right corner. 



Now we add another question. Namely, how many people of the group will choose meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan. 

To do this, click on "Add new question" (11). Then we enter the question and select the "Choice with checksum" under "Choice" (12). 

Now we enter the answer categories. For each answer we tick the box "numeric" (13). 

With the reservation the guest must enter then the number of persons that choose meat, fish, vegetarian or vegan. 

The reservation can then only be completed if the sum of all diet types corresponds exactly to the number of people in the reservation.


For example, in the widget the last questions appear like this: A reservation for 2 people. The guest can click "Next" and complete the reservation only when the sum of the entered values = 2. This is the case here. Once fish, once "vegan" was selected. 


The information will then appear with the respective reservation in the backend. The automated shift questions is as smart tool to collect further information for planning and the perfect personalized service and guest experience.


Here is the video explaining the set-up step by step: