Release Notes

Here we do inform shortly about Features, Improvements and Bugfixes. If we have a deeper documentation, we will refer to it. Just follow the Link.


Rel. 27.04.2021

  • [new Feature] -> Allow adding customer title

Rel. 26.03.2021

  • [new Feature] -> As a staff member I want to move a reservation to a different restaurant
  • [new Feature] -> Improvement in GTM

Rel. 2.6.17 - 18.10.2019

  • ⚠️ [Improvements] Graphical Table Planner:
    • select reservation in left side bar, double tap on table > assign #PAX to table (starting point is the taped element)
    • new reservation (button) > select #PAX > double tap on table > assign #PAX table
    • lock PAX: visual distinction: as long as PAX is not fixed, make the circles a slightly lighter grey than now.
    • new reservation (button) > double tap on table > assign whole table and count up PAX
    • new reservation (button) > single click on seat > assign seat and count up
    • PAX multiple table movements: save every time drag & drop from the sidebar should work until the drop 
    • select reservation: double tap on a time table on the gtm should remove the whole table assignmet of this table
  • [Bugfix] reportIn - Export: Revenue value is exported

Rel. 2.6.15 - 16.10.2019

  • ⚠️ [Feature] New Daily Shifts Setting -> read more

Rel. 2.6.14 - 16.10.2019

  • [Feature] Widget: New Parameters UTM and KEY -> read more

Rel. 2.6.13 - 10.10.2019

  • [Feature] API: New API calls for customers -> read more
  • [Improvement] Widget: AutoComplete for Phone Nummer at last Step Guest Data was improved

Rel. 2.6.12 - 08.10.2019

  • [Improvement] Wording: Optimisations Wordings per Shift to improve the Performance
  • [Bugfix] Account: Update username if e-mail was changed in account -> profile